This is just a space.

Hey there. I'm Bonnie.

I'm a 40-something wife, mom, and IT professional. I have lived in Middle Tennessee for most of my life.

After graduating college with a Computer Science degree, I went into technical support for desktops and servers. I dabbled in web design and development for many years, even before it was popular, making websites for myself, local small businesses, and even some for my day job. I was let go from that day job when they cut headcount by 20% across the company. I did some soul searching and realized that the most fun I'd had in my job was when I was creating something. I loved making websites and writing scripts... things that were creative and did something.

So here I am with Hey Mister Designs making things. I want to make great, dynamic websites to help small businesses with their web presence.

What can I make for you? I look forward to hearing from you.

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